Sarah's Courses

My Courses

CSCI 160

A first year course in computer science. Topics include structured programming, top-down program design, procedures, recursion, and an introduction to dynamic data structures.

CSCI 310

An introduction to understanding human behaviour as it applies to interface design, implementation, and evaluation. Topics include: design issues and goals, the limits of the human cognitive system, user-centered design, prototyping, establishing requirements, evaluation techniques, and design implications of emerging technologies.

CSCI 311

Exploration of languages, tools and techniques to write software for use within the World Wide Web (WWW). The course includes the WWW client/server model and related protocols, web server properties, web markup languages, client/server scripting tools, and server side programming.

CSCI 375

The methods and methodologies used in analyzing and designing various types of systems. Topics include project definition, CASE tools, data gathering, structured analysis and design, human-machine interface, database design, system controls, hardware selection and system testing, implementation and operation. Students are assigned to a project team involved in a system study as part of the course.