CSCI 310 Fall 2019


Welcome to CSCI 310: Intro to Human Computer Interaction.  In this course we'll investigate what makes interfaces make sense to users, how to design interfaces, and how to evaluate and critique the design of interfaces.  Course materials will be hosted on VIU Learn

Assignments grades and feedback will be posted on VIU Learn, as with in-class participation that will be continued on the discussion boards (under Communication).

Here is the course outline. For full access to the course material, assignment submissions and quizzes, please visit VIU Learn

This course will be run using a Team-Based Learning approach, and students are responsible for all material covered in class, in assigned readings, in labs, and covered by the project. Students are expected to attend all classes, and participate actively, as this is the best way to learn this material.

NOTE: As there are number of students on the waitlist who will not have access to VIU Learn until they are registered, I have included early course materials here as well. However, once registration is stable this location will no longer be updated, and all course materials will be located on VIU Learn.