CSCI 160: Introduction to Computer Science I

Course Outline

Fall 2021

Calendar Description
CSCI 160 (4) Introduction to Computer Science I

A first year course in computer science. Topics include structured programming, top-down program design, procedures, recursion, and an introduction to dynamic data structrues. (4:0:1)
Prerequsites: Pre-calculus 12 or Math 152 or equivalent.

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Instruction Time and Place



Learning Outcomes


You must be enrolled in and attend your weekly lab session, during which you will work on applying the concepts discussed in the lectures. Each lab session will include a programming component to be completed and submitted the following week. Details on lab requirements, submission rocess, and late penalties will be discussed in the labs and outlined on the course website.

Computer accounts

To work on your tutorials and assignments, you will be given accounts for the computing science labs.
There is a user id and password associated with each account (to prevent others from reading your mail).
The appropriate use of these accounts will be discussed in your first tutorial.

Appeals of Grades:

Any exercise or examination grade may be appealed. However, the appeal must be made to the instructor, in writing and attached to the work in question, and within 7 days of the graded work being returned or available. The instructor reserves the right to re-grade the entire piece of work submitted on appeal, not necessarily just the component that the student believes is in error.

Grade Conversion:

The following scale will be used.
90-100 85-<90 80-<85 76-<80 72-<76 68-<72 64-<68 60-<64 55-<60 50-<55 <50
A+ A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D F

Guidelines Concerning Fraud

Students are encouraged to refer to Policy 96.01 regarding fraud. Standards of academic integrity include, but are not limited to: Standards of fraud and/or academic integrety are violated when: